We deeply respect people who have devoted themselves to the protection of their state.

We are proud to say that for over 20 years our equipment and the results of our work have helped in the fire training of personnel of different law enforcement agencies.

We understand that your training is to save lives, so we feel great responsibility when performing each project. We always try to provide the perfect solutions that help you gain the experience necessary to win in real combat conditions.

When working with government Customers, we act as a “freelance department”, responsible for arranging a shooting range or a tactical training center. We understand the specifics of decision making, documents and contract system of our Customers.

“Tir Stroy” possesses a license to conduct works related to the use of information constituting state secrets, and can perform works on the development of design estimates, as well as construction, installation and commissioning of categorized objects.

In the solutions we offer, we use safe and easy-care materials that are resistant to high loads, equipment and outputs of our own production that pass a multi-stage control system and are designed for long-term operation with minimum requirements for routine maintenance:

In our arsenal there are implemented solutions for the arrangement of:

  •   Closed galleries of various configurations and assignments
  •   Semi-closed shooting galleries with bullet-trap constructions
  •   Shooting ranges and special training centers, including tactical operations centers
  •   Testing centers for small arms with a caliber of up to 30mm

The range of our special-purpose products includes:

Electromechanical targets

Lifting and swinging installations of the PUMA and BOBBER series,
Suspension cable and monorail installations of the VASILEK series,
Floor transportation systems of KABAN-type targets.

Systems of light and sound imitation, control and management of target layout

Our software allows you to create
complex scenarios for all target installations
for constructing highly specialized exercises.

Special purpose equipment and products

Equipment for creating heat-contrast targets, piercing targets, ballistic furniture for equipping tactical centers, etc.

Targets and equipment for practical shooting

Portable target stands, shields for building target layout, roll-over bullet traps, etc.

Bullet traps of various designs

Ballistic protection of building structures and engineering networks

Acoustic material “CORDARIFF”


We carry out:

  • Development and coordination of the technical task with visualization of the proposed solutions.
  • Development of project documentation for the sections “Technological solutions”, “Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, heating networks” and “Power supply” of shooting galleries
  • Maintenance of the developed documentation during the examination
  • Production and supply of equipment and materials, complex equipping of the shooting facility in accordance with the terms of reference.
  • All work on the arrangement of a full construction shooting range.  If necessary, we can also help with the preparation of documents for obtaining a work permit.
  • Training, support, warranty and post-warranty service

10 stages of project implementation with TirStroy

1. Meeting with the Сustomer, plans and wishes discussion, preparation of pre-project solutions

2. Creation of a technical task on the basis of a conceptual drawing, creation of a visual model of a shooting gallery (3D model)

3. A contract for the development of design estimates

4. Development of design estimates

5. Reconciliation of design estimates with the client, the development of working documentation

6. Reconciliation of the finished working documentation

7. Construction, installation and commissioning works

8. Transfer of the executive documentation

9. Training of the range employees

10. Opening the gallery